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Amplify Positivity By Being Complementary

The Art Of The Compliment

Compliments are one of the most important and rewarding components of social life. When a praiseworthy act is verbally recognized people tend to more of what brings praise from others. A well timed compliment can serve as an amplifier of positivity that leads to a more relaxed atmosphere. Most importantly, a sincere compliment tells the recipient that they are worthy of notice.

A well rounded person should never be unwilling to pay compliments. On the contrary, he should be generous in making deserving others objects of his praise. In this article, we will discuss the most effective methods to give compliments as well as the best way receive one.

Building Blocks Of An Effective Compliment

Be genuine. Compliments should be forthright statements not incidental quips. Develop a reputation for tactful honesty and avoid insincere flattery. When complimenting others convey gratitude or respect with the words you use to praise them.

Be specific. Nothing conveys sincerity quite like specificity. Being specific shows that you took notice of that person’s praiseworthy efforts. Specificity helps that person identify what they’re doing right and encourages them to do more of it!

Be positive. Or rather, resist the urge to be negative. Negativity mixed with complimentary words could easily feel like disguised insult. So be smart, there is no need to add modifiers or exceptions to initial well intentioned compliments.

Be timely. Keep a sense of urgency when paying compliments. If the situation permits, you may be able to pay the compliment publicly. A timely, in-person, public affirmation honors the recipient in ways few other gestures can.

Don’t Invalidate The Giver

Just as important, a confident person should know how to receive a compliment. An appropriate compliment that is poorly received can insult or embarrass the giver. Prompting them to never make the mistake of complimenting that person again.

To be clear, there is only one way to receive a compliment—graciously.

Practice, Practice, Practice

The art of the compliment is a skill that requires practice. An admirable person would never hesitate to offer supportive words to everyone he meets.

Marlon Richardson

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